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About JDP Window Installation Wheeling, IL

When it comes to your window replacement and window installation needs in Wheeling, JDP Window Installation is the one that you can rely on and trust to get the job done right. Our window installers have been providing outstanding services for years, which allowed us to provide the highest quality of work in every project that we accept. We are one of the window companies that specialize in basement window replacement, making sure that you will get the windows that your home deserves. Our company only uses top-quality materials to ensure that you will get nothing but the best.

Our company will professionally replace windows in Wheeling, from small to big. We are the installers that you can rely on to provide you with the quality of work possible. We began our journey in 1999 and had been providing exceptional window services to our customers since then. Give us a call today!


At JDP Windows customers receive the finest quality and care for the following services we provide in Wheeling, IL

Windows Installation
Wheeling, IL

Our expert window installers in Wheeling will guide you through the process during the initial consultation that includes everything from taking measurements to the combination of factors including the size of the window, type of materials used, color, style, and details such as the grid pattern. All of these can vary on the window replacement or window installation's cost.

Windows Replacement
Wheeling, IL

Our professional window installers in Wheeling are here to assess your window type first so that you can select the best material and design for your window replacement service. We will replace your windows with something that is more durable, better insulation, and finishing touches that will increase performance and efficiency.

Basement Windows Installation
Wheeling, IL

Our window installers in Wheeling are here to offer various designs and materials that will complement the surrounding areas of your home. We know how crucial visual appeal is, but we also aim to explain what options you may have to include safety features that will bring added benefits and security.
Most Popular

Materials of Windows - Window Replacement Wheeling, IL

When selecting the right material for a window installation in Wheeling, several factors must be considered, including price, maintenance required, durability, aesthetics, local weather, and energy efficiency. At JDP Window Replacement in Wheeling, we are very happy to provide the proper guidance to help make your decision so much easier. We’ve included a few of the most popular material choices and their benefits, so when you replace windows in Wheeling, you have a head start:


A leading choice for many customers because of its affordability and durability. This window replacement option provides corrosion protection in moist conditions and salty-air climates.


With the right maintenance, wood windows can last a lifetime while offering unmatched style with a classy look. Plus, these windows offer very efficient insulation.


This variety of window installation in Wheeling provides exceptional durability that’s meant to last. These windows are very low-maintenance and quite energy-efficient, and they come in a range of color options that are customized to your preferences.


With an aluminum window replacement in Wheeling, expect a strong, low-maintenance solution that offers structural advantages. You’ll get great durability on windows with larger glass sizes, as well as protection from the weather.
Choose Your Style

Choose Your Style - Window Installation & Window Replacement Wheeling, IL


Both our single and double-hung windows have adjustable sashes that provide ventilation all around them. A single window has one moving sash, while a double-hung window has two sliding sashes.

Key Features

  • Low maintenance, strong material for long use, excellent built
  • Cheap purchase cost for every window installation in Wheeling
  • Power-saving with manageable ventilation
  • Eye-catching and customizable design for varying home structures


A picture window style is great for a stationary option to maximize vast walls. They are typically huge to emphasize the light coming inside. This also enhances a space’s indoor appeal.

Key Features

  • Highlights the outside view and landscape 
  • Creates a brighter ambiance and look with natural sunlight
  • Appropriate in rooms with spacious walls and similar window types
  • Ideal for larger-than-usual rooms


This is ideal for smaller spaces, given its sliding motion. It is highly efficient, thanks to its reliable, strong seal. A great choice for window replacement.

Key Features

  • Keeps indoor temperature more manageable even during strong climates
  • Has an improved efficiency compared with standard double-hung windows
  • Large window option with no obstructions of the outdoor view
  • Comfortable ventilation indoors at all times


The casement type works by hinging from the side and opening outward to the left or right. This is great for maximum ventilation and simple to operate, day in and out.

Key Features

  • Complementary to other window types like “bow” and “picture”
  • Cooling or warming cost-efficient 
  • Extremely tight seal to prevent air from coming in or out
  • Robust material for long-term use


An awning is hinged at the top and works by swinging it outwards to let air inside the room. You can conveniently open this window type while it is raining to let in more airflow without getting raindrops indoors.

Key Features

  • A great option for cheap basement window replacement in Wheeling
  • Easy-maintenance for long-term reliability
  • Improved ventilation without reducing security
  • Weather-tight seal


Hopper windows are called as such because of their hopper or chute-like image when opened. We at JDP Window Installation offer this type of window for properties with musty spaces. 

Key Features

  • Easy cleaning required 
  • Limited space for possibilities of break-ins
  • Offers natural indoor light and sufficient airflow without overwhelming ventilation 
  • Great as basement window replacement in Wheeling or for ground windows


This window type is interconnected with three to four window panels designed with a curved angle. You can operate this window with the same feature as a casement or single-hung window. 

Key Features

  • Added appeal to home interiors and exteriors
  • Provides a spacious ambiance indoors with an aesthetic view from outside
  • Increases the durability of the walls 
  • Improved indoor sunlight and ventilation


A custom window can fit into any room you please with the exact sign you want. You can choose from a plethora of choices to deliver the precise look you want whether for your personal or commercial use.

Key Features

  • Easily complement your property interiors and exteriors 
  • High flexibility with design options
  • Personalizable according to your preference and comfort
  • Great home investment

JDP Window Replacement Wheeling, IL - Testimonials

Check opinions of our customers. Be sure we are the right choice for any window replacement and window installation project.
Window Replacement

The Guide For Window Replacement Wheeling, IL

Evaluate if it’s Time for Replacement Windows: Windows leaking? Do you see gaps between the window and sash or the sash and frame? Any difficulty in opening your windows? If yes, then you may need a window replacement in Wheeling.


Choose the Best Type of Windows for Your Home: When you replace windows, you need to choose a window that fits your style and needs. It is a way to improve curb appeal and add value to your home.


Determine How Energy-Efficient Your Windows Should Be: When your monthly utility bills are too high, it might be time for a window replacement. It’s best to choose a window with a lower U-value.


Determine Which Material is Best for Your Home: Wood window’s color can fade and require more upkeep for paint and stain. Aluminum won’t rot, but it can oxidize. Vinyl window replacements are weather-resistant.


Research Qualified Window Companies to Replace Your Windows: Don’t waste your money with the wrong window companies in Wheeling. Instead, choose only the best, which is JDP Window Replacement.

Window Replacement

How To Prepare For A Window Installation Wheeling, IL

Clean the area inside the window: Before starting any window installation Wheeling project, ensure that the site is clean. Doing so helps to prevent accidents, delays, and damage that might happen to your property or belongings.


Remove window coverings: Remove the ledges and sills when clearing the window space and shades, curtains, and ornaments. Protect your floors: Before a window replacement Wheeling, place a tarp, plastic sheet, or canvas cloth under the window to protect the flooring. We at JDP Windows Company strictly abide by safe and clean practices when we replace windows.


Protect your floors: Before a window replacement, place a tarp, plastic sheet, or canvas cloth under the window to protect the flooring. We at JDP Windows Company strictly abide by safe and clean practices when we replace windows.


Protect your belongings: Store away the things that are sensitive to dust before any window installation or replacement project starts. Cover them with blankets or plastic sheets, especially if the item is furniture or hard to move.


Make your home accessible: Allow the window installer to access your home during an installation or replacement project, especially when you are not around.