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JDP Window Installation Niles, IL - Get To Know Us

Our window installation company has truly excelled since we opened for business in 1999, providing the greatest services for window replacement in Niles. Since those early days, we have reached the top of the ladder for window installers in Niles, and today, we are here to make window installation better and easier than any other window companies in Niles and the surrounding areas. We are specialists in all things windows, with a wide selection of styles available, professional window installation, and window replacement, including basement windows replacement. Niles has trusted our window installers' incredible selection of the finest quality windows, and we can work with vinyl, wood, aluminum, as well as fiberglass windows, giving you the amazing durability, style, and budget-saving price, you want. Our professional window installers in Niles, along with our customers, have made us the top name in windows.    Call JDP Window installation in Niles for your top-quality window replacement.

Services Provided by Us - Window Installation & Window Replacement Niles, IL

Windows Installation Niles, IL

Have one of our experienced window installers in Niles lead you through the process of window installation when we have your initial home consultation. We will speak with you about every detail, like window size, materials needed, color, style, and grid patterns in the glass. All of these factors play a role in determining your cost. And we will take precise measurements.

Windows Replacement Niles, IL

An important part of your window replacement in Niles is examining your window style in your home. We will help with the proper choice of window material and design that best suits your window replacement for better durability and insulation for increased performance and efficiency.

Basement Windows Installation Niles, IL

Our window installers at JDP Window Installation are what set us apart from other window replacement companies in Niles. We know that windows should look appealing, but they also must provide safety and performance, particularly when you need basement window replacement in Niles.

Reasons To Choose Us - JDP Window Replacement Niles, IL


Years of





Choose JDP Window Replacement for expert service in the local suburbs. Here are some reasons why you should choose us over other window replacement companies in Niles.

Free Estimate

One way we provide convenience to our customers is by offering free estimates upon consultation. JDP Window Replacement makes it easy for you to know what you need to prepare, how much budget to allocate for which service, and more.

Years of Industry Experience

Whether you desire a window installation or basement window replacement in Niles for your home or commercial space, you can trust our years’ worth of expertise to give you exactly what you need. We provide expert opinions and perform every task professionally.


With excellent materials come promising results. JDP Window Replacement utilizes all materials for their best use. Our options are plentiful, including fiberglass, aluminum, wood, and vinyl.
Most Popular

Materials - Window Installation & Window Replacement Niles, IL

As a homeowner, you want the best material installed in your home, such as when you replace windows in Niles. Check out the top choice of window types we offer at JDP Window Installation.


You can afford this material without worrying about its built. It has an anti-corrosion composition that protects well during wet seasons.


Wood windows would be up in your alley if you prefer cozy vibes in your home. They are rightfully stylish with just the right amount of insulation and protection.


Highly durable, low maintenance, and versatile – fiberglass is for you if you are looking for these benefits. Feel free to change the color to go well with your existing home decor. Contact us for help.


Get complete protection and structural leverage with aluminum windows. Contact our windows installer in Niles for assistance.
Choose Your Style

Window Installation Niles, IL - Choose Your Style


This type of window provides sashes that you can move to provide proper ventilation through the top or bottom sections. They are ideal for residential properties and require less work when operating.

Key Features

  • Easy cleaning system, robust material for long-term use
  • Low-cost window installation in Niles
  • Energy-saving system for manageable ventilation
  • Classic style that you can customize to fit your preference


Great for opening up your house to a scenic view from the outside. A fixed window type that requires no opening whatsoever. Typically built in large models to accommodate expansive walls.

Key Features

  • Provides a beautiful view of the outside
  • Improves natural lighting and brightness with reduced energy costs
  • Customizable and practical for use along with other window types
  • Ideal for interiors with large walls


Operates by sliding the window from side to side. This window type is just right for compact spaces. Its simple mechanism can help you save energy expenses while providing basic function for window needs.

Key Features

  • Helps you enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature despite harsh weather outside
  • Has higher efficiency than a standard double-hung window
  • Gives you a glimpse of the outside with no obstructions
  • Sufficient ventilation


Casement windows work by cranking it outward leaning to the left or right. This provides optimized ventilation, natural lighting, and a clear view from outdoors. It has a simple operation for convenient use.

Key Features

  • Complementary with other window types like bow and picture windows
  • Energy-saving window system
  • Secure seal that prevents drafts from coming in
  • Robust built for lasting use


Compact window that swings outward from the bottom. They are perfect for rooms that require sufficient ventilation especially during wet climates outdoors.

Key Features

  • Cost-efficient window replacement or installation in Niles
  • Strong construction for years of use
  • Sufficient ventilation without worries about security
  • Low upkeep and easy maintenance work


Hopper windows open inwards. They have a chute-like look where they got their name. Most window companies in Niles recommend this type of window in stuffy rooms that require proper ventilation at all times.

Key Features

  • Conveniently clean from within your house
  • Prevents break-ins with its restricted opening
  • Provides natural sunlight and airflow with minimal space occupied
  • Ideal choice for basement window replacement in Niles or other confined rooms near the ground


Three or more windows interconnected to form one large window. This can be used in conjunction with other window types like casement or single-hung windows.

Key Features

  • Incorporates a comfortable and airy ambiance in the room
  • Improves the interior design of your place
  • Optimizes the extensive wall and increases your property’s value
  • Invites more sunlight indoors especially in small, confined rooms


A custom design that provides the exact specifications to suit your needs. It has a unique style that conforms to your comfort level, functionality needs, and design preference. Various materials are available to achieve the result you want.

Key Features

  • Wide material choices to match with your home interior or exterior
  • Flexible styles
  • Customizable mechanism to suit your property’s architecture
  • Excellent investment compared with standard window types
Window Installation

Window Installation Niles, IL - How To Prepere

Clean the area inside the window: Ensure to clean the area inside the window so our window installers in Niles can work from the inside without delays. If you have breakables, make sure to remove them to proceed with the window replacement without any issue.
Remove window coverings: Clear the work area by removing window curtains or blinds before the day of window installation in Niles. This will save you a lot of time and give the window installers a way to perform their work smoothly.
Protect your floors: Window replacement in Niles can be messy. JDP Window Installation always practices safe work but make sure to protect your floor by placing tarp, canvas drop cloth, or plastic sheeting under the windows being replaced.
Protect your belongings: To fully protect your belongings, keep items that are sensitive to dust and cover furniture with blankets. Ensure to remove all items at least six feet away from the site and give space for the window installers in Niles to place their things.
Make your home accessible: If you will not be at home during the window replacement schedule, talk to the contractors and make arrangements.