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JDP Windows

JDP Windows has proudly served Niles, as well as the surrounding local areas, with window servicing needs, since it began operating in 1999. Today, our window company has continued to specialize in all different types of window installation and window replacement, including basement windows replacement, and is known for its selection of high-quality materials. We work with materials such as vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass in order to give customers several best options to choose from; always in line with the customer’s best interest regarding cost, durability and any other project-specific needs. Providing our customers with well-trained, knowledgeable and courteous window installers has made the difference between doing a good job and an excellent one, which is the excellency that JDP Windows will continue to maintain as their goal to you.

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At JDP Windows customers receive the finest quality and care for the following services we provide:

Windows Installation

One of our professional window installers will walk you through the process during the initial home consultation which includes everything from taking measurements, to discussing the combination of factors including window size, type of materials used, color, style and details such as the grid pattern can all vary the project’s cost.

Windows Replacement

It’s important for one of our professional contractors to assess your window type first so that you can select the best material and design that best replaces your window for something more heavy-duty, better insulation and finishing touches, which result in an increase in performance and efficiency.

Basement Windows Installation

Our window installers offer variety in the designs and materials that complement the surrounding areas of your home. As important as visual appeal is to your project, we also aim to explain what options you may have in order to include safety features which bring added benefits and security.

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JDP Windows is the best option for all of your window installation needs. Our offer includes the following benefits:

Free Estimate

How much should a window replacement cost? What is the best material to choose from? These and many more of your questions can be answered after you request a free estimate from one of our professional window installers.

Years Of Industry Experience

Since 1999, JDP Windows has guaranteed Niles and the nearby local areas with trusted expertise  for all types of window installations and window replacement, including basement window replacement; giving you the most reliable options to choose from.


A great job can only be done using great materials. JDP windows exclusively utilizes the best for our customers. Whether it’s vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass, you are guaranteed that you can expect the long-lasting results you need.
Most Popular

Materials of Windows

When it comes to selecting the material for a window installation, numerous factors should be considered such as cost, maintenance and durability, aesthetics, weather conditions, and energy-efficiency. Our window company is more than happy to provide the right guidance that will make your choice that much easier. Here are some popular material options, along with some of their benefits:


A top choice among customers for its affordability and durability, especially offering corrosion protection in wet or salty climates. 


With proper maintenance can last a lifetime and offers unmatched style and classy looks along with efficient insulation.


Offers heavy-duty durability meant to last, while being very low-maintenance and energy efficient, along with customizable color options 


A strong, low-maintenance material that provides structural advantages and protection especially for larger glass or protection against the elements.
Choose Your Style

Choose Your Style


Single Hung windows have a moving sash and bring savings that can add up! Double Hung windows have two sliding sashes and offer more ventilation on the top and/or bottom sides.

Key Features

  • Easy to clean, durable and long-lasting
  • Lower purchase cost per window installation
  • Energy-efficient solution with controlled air circulation
  • Offers classic beauty that’s customizable to fit any architectural design


Often used to maximize spectacular views, picture window installations are stationary and do not open. They can be large in size, enhance the lighting and aesthetics of your home.

Key Features

  • Expands the view of outside scenery and landscaping
  • Adds more natural light to a room, bringing more brightness and appeal
  • Can be customized and used in conjunction with other windows
  • Available in larger than normal sizes


Traditionally includes panels within the window which allow it to slide from side to side, making it suitable for maximizing even smaller spaces. Its basic functionality offers higher efficiency due to its tight seal.

Key Features

  • Keeps interior temperatures comfortable by keeping extreme temperatures outside
  • Provides better efficiency than an average double hung window
  • Wider window option with unobstructed views of outdoor scenery
  • More natural ventilation


The window hinges from the side and cranks open outward to the left or right; allows maximum ventilation, optimal natural light exposure, unobstructed views while remaining easy to operate even in hard to reach places.

Key Features

  • Large variety of designs, sizes, and materials.
  • Energy efficient
  • Tight seal that prevents unwanted airflow from entering or escaping
  • Long-lasting results


Small-sized windows that always hinge at the top and swing outward from the bottom to let air in. They’re perfect for remaining open even in wet or damp climates.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective window replacement option
  • Low-maintenance and easy care
  • Allows ventilation in without compromising security
  • Weather-tight construction


Windows that always open inwards; they get their name from their hopper or chute-like appearance once pulled open. Window companies offer this excellent option for dark or musty rooms.

Key Features

  • Very easy to clean from the inside of the home
  • Small opening that makes it harder for break-ins
  • Provides natural lighting and ventilation without occupying a lot of space
  • Perfect for basement window replacements or other areas close to the ground


Typically combined with three or more windows joined at equal curved angles. Their window panes can be combined with different operating styles such as casement or single hung.

Key Features

  • Adds aesthetic value to any home
  • Gives a room an airy and spacious feeling
  • Extends the walls of your home, increasing its worth
  • Let’s in more light and ventilation, even in smaller spaces


Specifically designed to fit any space and allows for its own unique style. Different material options are available in order to provide any intricate details you may be looking for.

Key Features

  • Easier to match with the interior and exterior of your home
  • Greater flexibility in aesthetics
  • Allows for options such as double or triple pane windows.
  • Better investment for your home than a mass-produced window

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